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Land Rover Discovery Sport

  • Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 01-Aug-2021 08:04 AM

This SUV, the Land Rover Discovery Sport, is a versatile and bold interpretation of the Discovery DNA. It is a sporty version of the Discovery 7-seater SUV from Land Rover.

The revamped model enhances the vehicle’s design regardless of whether you drive on the city roads or through mountainous terrain.

The Discovery Sport is available in various enchanting colors and two trims, S and R-Dynamic SE. However, the S Model is available only in the diesel model and costs Rs 65.30 lakhs. On the other hand, the R-Dynamic SE comes with petrol and diesel engines, priced at Rs 67.95 lakhs and Rs 67.82 lakhs, respectively.


Land Rover Discovery Sport Exteriors

The distinct contours and the perfectly balanced proportions distinguish the Discovery model from other SUVs. The unmistakable frontal fascia gives it an upright stance further accentuated by its bright LED headlamps. The large air inlets placed below the headlamps allow free air circulation inside the radiator to keep the engine cool. In addition, the body contours with its flared wheel arches give the vehicle an imposing appearance.

The LED rear lights split into two because the tailgate is placed high enough on the rear apron to give the vehicle a tall boy look. The prominent bumpers at the rear take the vehicle’s rear exterior look to a different level. The large-sized alloy wheels increase the ground clearance height sufficiently to allow the vehicle to run over small obstacles comfortably.


Land Rover Discovery Sport Interiors

Like the Discovery SUV, this Discovery Sport is also a versatile vehicle with a varying seating capacity that can extend up to seven persons. In addition, the versatility provided by the vehicle in allowing to fold the rear seats and enhance storage space is an excellent feature.

One of the best features of the Discovery Sport is the innovative ClearSight Interior Rear View Mirror that allows you to see past your passengers and all the luggage. It is possible because this vehicle comes with a camera placed strategically on the roof that transmits images on the rearview mirror.

The redesigned interiors feature a stylish and modern Natural Shadow Oak Veneer that enables the smooth blending of premium materials with innovative technologies. In addition, the leather upholstery adds to the car’s premium looks.
The Discovery Sport features a Pivi Pro infotainment system comprising a 10-inches touch screen and a newly designed interface. This system can work with Android and iOS. Moreover, the latest AI features such as self-learning navigation ensure a fully connected journey. Besides, this vehicle features a 12.3-inches interactive driver display that allows the driver to control various aspects of the car, including navigation and entertainment.

One of the best aspects of Discovery Sport is that you can stay updated through regular software and thus, ensure optimal performance. In addition, you can recharge your smartphones wirelessly. The phone signal booster allows you to use the car’s antenna for improved signals and, thus, make more explicit calls.

The high-quality air conditioning provides the highest luxury levels to the rear-seat passengers. Besides, the Nanoe ionization feature enhances air quality inside the vehicle by filtering the air circulating inside the vehicle.


Land Rover Discovery Sport Engine and Performance

The Discovery Sport runs on a 2L petrol or diesel engine, depending on the model. This engine combines with an 8-speed automatic transmission system that sends power to all the wheels through AWD. Hence, it is an excellent performer on slippery surfaces like grass or snow. In addition, the AWD system balances the torque beautifully between the four wheels to provide excellent stability.

The Terrain Response 2 feature monitors the vehicle’s performance, especially when ascending or descending steep inclines. This feature maintains the vehicle’s balance by selecting the most appropriate of the four driving modes.
Another excellent quality of the Discovery Sport is its wading ability. The Wade sensing function helps you tackle water-logged streets comfortably by sensing the water depth and alerting you accordingly.

This Discovery Sport can tow luggage up to 2200Kg using towing accessories. Hence, it enhances the vehicle’s versatility.
Land Rover Discovery Sport Ride, Handling, and Safety

Handling the Land Rover Discovery Sport is not an issue because it comes equipped with various driver assistance features. The ClearSight rearview camera is one, and the ClearSight Ground View feature with its 3D Surround Camera provides a comprehensive view through the vehicle’s bonnet and helps with off-road driving.

The vehicle comes with excellent braking systems that allow balanced and stable braking, even under the most adverse driving conditions.

The vehicle comes with all the safety features like frontal airbags for the driver and front-seat passengers. Besides, the rear seat passengers get the comfort of side airbags.

The Head-Up Display is another excellent safety feature because it provides vital information regarding the vehicle’s speed, navigation, etc., on the windscreen. Thus, the driver need not divert attention from driving to look at the controls frequently.


Land Rover Discovery Sport Competition Check

The Land Rover Discovery Sport faces stiff competition from Audi Q5, Jeep Cherokee, Volvo XC60, and the Mercedes-Benz GLC Class.