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Maruti Suzuki Baleno versus Toyota Glanza

  • Posted by Salman On 27-Aug-2021 06:43 AM

Baleno vs. Glanza Comparison

As the competition among cars gets hot, some brands start to suffer. The intense competition and rivalry between different car manufacturers affect their overall sales. The best solution is to collaborate and use shared technology to offer similar cars with a distinctive brand feature. Maruti Suzuki and Toyota have thus entered into an agreement where Maruti Suzuki shares technology about the Baleno, and Toyota will market the brand as Glanza. Thus, the Baleno and Glanza are similar cars in many ways. Therefore, it forms an ideal subject for comparison.


Exterior Looks

The Baleno has classical looks and is one of the most attractive hatchbacks from the Maruti Suzuki stable. The curved front grille design flanked by high-intensity headlights gives it a classy appearance. The air vents on the body-coloured bumper allow smooth air intakes to keep the vehicle cool even as you continuously drive it for hours. The high-quality headlamps with the side indicators add to its glamourous feel. The foldable ORVMs and the uniquely designed rear tail lamps make this vehicle stand out from the competition. The flared wheel arches lend it a muscular look, whereas the body-coloured door handles accentuate its attractiveness.

The Glanza is similar in almost all respects to the Maruti Suzuki Baleno. The frontal fascia is similar except for the Toyota emblem instead of the Suzuki logo. However, the grille design is a bit different to distinguish it from the Baleno. The headlamps are similar, and the top-end variants come with a Follow Me feature to enhance visibility. The body-coloured bumpers and the raised wheel arches are similar, and so is the wheel design. The Glanza also features foldable body-coloured ORVMs. In short, the Glanza is the spitting image of the Baleno in many ways.


Interior and Comfort

The Baleno interiors are spacious and offer comfortable headroom and legroom for its occupants. However, the driver seats are rather low, making it challenging for short-statured drivers to get a clear view of the road ahead. The interiors come with high-quality upholstery on their seats that gel perfectly with the interior ambience. The Baleno comes with a decent SmartPlay Studio audio system compatible with Android and iOS. Other excellent features include automatic climate control options, anti-pinch windows, cruise control, and other convenience features in the top-end variants. Suzuki Connect technology is available as a separate Nexa accessory.

The Glanza interiors are similar, but it features Glanza Connect technology in the place of the Suzuki Connect feature. The infotainment features are similar but with a different name, Smart PlayCast. This system is compatible with Android Auto and Apple CarPlay to help in easy navigation. The tilt steering feature and reverse parking sensors are available in all the Glanza variants. However, features like reverse parking cameras are available in the top-end variants alone. The interactive TFT multi-info display is an innovative feature that provides all the information the driver needs for a safe driving experience.

Engine and Performance

The Suzuki Baleno has a powerful engine in the 1.2L VVT motor that pairs with a 5-speed manual or CVT, depending on the variant. This engine delivers maximum power of 61kW @ 6000rpm and high torque of 113Nm @ 4200rpm. The manual variant delivers a mileage of 21kmpl, whereas the CVT is comparatively less efficient at 19.56kmpl. The smart hybrid variant offers the best mileage of 23.87kmpl. The fuel tank comes with a decent 37L capacity.

The Glanza features a similar 1.2L K-Series petrol engine that delivers similar power and torque performance as the Baleno. In addition, the Glanza comes with a similar 5-speed manual and CVT transmission option to deliver identical mileage. Besides, the Glanza offers Engine Push Start/Stop features available on the top-end Baleno.

Ride, Handling, and Safety

The Maruti Suzuki Baleno and the Glanza offer similar safety features like driver-side and front-passenger airbags, seatbelt pretensioners, ABS, EBD, and ISOFIX Child anchorages. Besides, they offer pedestrian safety features to qualify as one of the safest cars to drive around. Suzuki TECT structure ensures a rigid body structure for the Baleno that absorbs all impact to protect its occupants. A similar feature is available in the Glanza but is named Heartect Platform, ensuring superior crash resiliency, enhanced rigidity, and improved NVH performance. Reverse parking sensors are available on all variants. Moreover, the top-end versions feature reverse parking cameras to assist drivers. In addition, the high-speed warning is available in both vehicles to alert the driver about transcending speed limits.


The Baleno and the Glanza are similar vehicles in all respects. Both the vehicles are available in five exciting colours. The Baleno is available in three trims branching out into nine variants, with the Sigma Petrol version as the lowest-priced at Rs 5.98 lakhs. The Alpha Automatic Petrol is the most expensive at Rs 9.30 lakhs. The Toyota Glanza has a different pricing structure that starts from Rs 7.34 lakhs and goes up to Rs 9.30 lakhs.

If your budget is restrictive, the Baleno is a good option, especially for the lower-end models. Otherwise, there is no difference between the mid and top-variants between the Baleno and the Glanza.