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Nissan Magnite vs Kia Sonet

  • Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 31-Jul-2021 02:34 PM

Choosing between two competitive SUVs can be challenging, especially when the choice is between two excellent models in the Kia Sonet and Nissan Magnite.

If the Nissan Magnite has a bold and beautiful look, the Kia Sonet has an equally stunning appearance.


The Exteriors – A heady comparison

The Nissan Magnite is the epitome of flamboyance with its muscular lines and dynamic styling. The front grille flanked by stylish headlights dominates everything it surveys. Other features like signature taillamps, high ground clearance, and the double-toned body colouring make the Nissan Magnite a vehicle that can make heads turn.

The Kia Sonet matches the Nissan Magnite feature-for-feature as it sports an imposing grille itself with its beauty accentuated by exquisitely shaped headlights. The raised bonnet puffs its chest with pride on exploring the beauty of the Kia Sonet. The radiator grille and the air inlets are placed perfectly to cool the engine.

When it comes to aggressiveness, the Kia Sonet locks horns perfectly with the Nissan Magnite

The Interiors – Comfort and Convenience matter a lot

The bold interior designs, the cockpit-type layout, and the comfortable seating arrangements make the Nissan Magnite a beautiful car to step into any time. Besides, driving the Magnite is a pleasure as the high visibility angle offers you an imposing view of the road ahead. The Magnite has plenty to offer in a 336L boot without folding the seats when it comes to space management.

Compared to the Magnite, the Sonet offers sporty interiors, with the voice-controlled sunroof standing out as a distinctive feature. While the sunroof lets the sunlight in at your convenience, the rear door sunshade protects the inhabitants from exposure to direct sunlight if it gets a tad uncomfortable. Space is not an issue because the Kia Sonet offers more than adequate space for every passenger to stretch their legs comfortably.

Comparing the interiors, the Sonet has a slight edge over the Magnite purely because of the sunroof. It lends an element of class to the Sonet, a feature that the Magnite, unfortunately, lacks.

The Engine and Powertrain – A test of efficiency and power

The Nissan Magnite oozes power through its HRAO 1.0L Turbo engine that pairs with an equally powerful CVT to help the vehicle navigate bumper-to-bumper traffic and cruise along highways with equal comfort. You have a coach sitting right in front of you to guide you through troubled times. The short turning radius makes the Magnite a versatile vehicle, while the cruising ability adds to its class.

The Kia Sonet has a choice between three different engines, the 1.5 CRDi diesel, the G1.0 T-GDi Petrol, and the Advanced Smartstream G1.2 Petrol engine. The three transmission systems constitute a 6-speed Advanced AT, a 6iMT/7DCT, and 5-speed manual transmission, depending on the engines, respectively.

So, engine-for-engine, there is little to choose from because both the vehicles display equal performance, regardless of the driving or climatic conditions.


The Technology – High standards to maintain

The Nissan Magnite is a technologically well-equipped SUV with features like a 7-inches Drive-Assist Display, Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, and a 360-degree camera feature to comfortably ensure safe parking in the tightest corners.

When you add features like wireless charging facilities, air purifiers, high-quality speakers, and other paraphernalia, the Nissan Magnite does put up a robust technological show.

Kia Sonet is in no way inferior as it is powered by the latest UVO evolution that offers 58 innovative ways of remaining connected. The technological capabilities are on display as you communicate with the sunroof to open or shut down, get OTA map updates, and enjoy the advantage of multi-drive and traction modes.

Besides, you have features like an air purifier with virus protection, a 10.25-inch touchscreen, and a remote engine starting facility.

Technology-wise, it is Even Stevens between the Kia Sonet and Nissan Magnite.

Safety Aspects – The Most Essential

Nissan Magnite is a safe SUV to manoeuvre because of safety features like ABS, EBD, VDC, and Hill Assist. Moreover, the traction is smooth enough to negotiate challenging terrain. Besides, the vehicle comes with a mandatory airbag setup.
The Kia Sonet seems to have the edge over the Nissan Magnite as it comes equipped with six airbags, ESC, HAC, VSM, and ABS. In addition, the front parking sensors help in parking the vehicle comfortably. In contrast, the tyre pressure monitor helps ensure that the tyres are correctly inflated every time you embark on your trips.

The Variants and the Pricing

Nissan Magnite is available in 20 variants, depending on the engine and transmission combinations. The SUV’s pricing starts at Rs 5.59 lakhs and goes all the way up to Rs 10 lakhs.

In contrast, the Kia Sonet comes in six variants, with the lowest-priced SUV at Rs 6.79 lakhs and the top-end variant at Rs 12.19 lakhs.

Both these vehicles are available in a fantastic array of colours.

Verdict – The Nissan Magnite and the Kia Sonet are competitive SUVs, with the Magnite available in multiple variants, thereby offering a greater choice. However, the sunroof and safety features available on the Sonet make it a worthy buy, despite the prices being a bit higher.