About Castrol

A British oil company, Castrol Ltd, was founded in 1899 by its founder Charles Wakefield. The company started to manufacture industrial and automotive lubricants, including a wide range of engine oils, greases, and other products in this segment.

The company commenced its business with the original company name, CC Wakefield & Co. However, the name changed when one of its product names (Castrol) became more popular than the company name in 1960.

Burmah Oil acquired Castrol Ltd in 1966 and changed the company name to Burmah-Castrol. In 2000, Burmah-Castrol was purchased by a London-based multinational company, BP. Even after being merged with BP, the brand name of Castrol remained the same.

At present, Castrol is one of the leading and most popular automotive and industrial lubricant brands. It specializes in manufacturing superior quality synthetic, part synthetic, and conventional engine oil. In addition, it manufactures specialty lubricant products for motorcycles, cars, tractors, and even commercial vehicles.

Castrol offers gear, hydraulic, knitting, spindle, compressor, machine, turbine, and gas engine oil. Moreover, it has also launched a wide range of other lubricant products like greases, chain lubricants, fire-resistance hydraulic fluid, and biodegradable hydraulic oils.

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