About Servo

Indian Oil, India's well-known petroleum refining and marketing brand, launched SERVO in 1972. In addition to the launch of this new company, IndianOil established its R&D center at Faridabad to become India's genuine lubricant brand. By the end of 1974, the company had more than 260 lubricant formulations.

Indian Oil has over 34,559 retail outlets, making it one of the leading players in having the largest number of retail outlets across India. SERVO runs its fully owned ISO-certified lubricant plants to manufacture and distribute lubricant products to end customers.

SERVO alone has more than 5300 lubricant formulations with 1600 different grades. One of these formulations includes SERVO RR 606 MG Plus II, specifically designed for Indian Railways. IndianOil's lubricant products helped Indian Railways to reduce its operational costs.

Moreover, SERVO has a wide portfolio of lubricant products, including biodegradable lubricants, long-drain diesel engine oils, hot rolling oils, gear lubricants, and synthetic-based lubricants.

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