About Motul

Motul is a popular automotive lubricant brand that started in 1853 in New York. The company, Swan & Finch, began manufacturing high-quality lubricants for domestic and international markets. Motul was one of the first lubricant brands to specialize in producing 100% synthetic Ester-based lubricants for personal and commercial vehicles.

Motul runs its Centres of Excellence (CoE) in Japan and France to stay ahead in the oil and gas industry. These units are the company's backbone and assist its worldwide businesses with the latest R&D and innovations. Currently, the company has a presence in over 90 countries, including India.

Motul launched its best-quality lubricants in India in 2003 with the collaboration of Atlantic Lubricants and Specialities Pvt Ltd, responsible for marketing and distributing Motul's products across Indian subcontinents, including India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Bhutan, and Sri Lanka.

In India, Motul has established its brand as an ideal lubricant brand for buying a bike and car engine oils. It runs a company-owned manufacturing plant at Silvassa, near Mumbai, and has a strong distribution network for catering to the demand of customers.

Despite the manufacturing and distribution of engine oils and various other lubricant products, Motul has signed technical contracts and cooperation with the world's leading OEM companies like Suzuki, Nissan Nismo, Toyota, and even premium engineering companies.

Buy Motul Lubricants in India

With more than 150 years of expertise in manufacturing high-quality car and motorcycle engine oil and lubricant products, Motul is one of the preferred lubricant brands in India to buy engine oil for your personal or commercial vehicles and improve their overall engine performance.

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