About Gulf

Gulf Oil is a Pittsburgh, USA-based public limited company founded in 1901 to manufacture high-performance lubricant products for bikes, cars, and lightweight commercial vehicles.

In 1985, the company merged with Standard Oil of California (SOCAL), but the company's identity was kept independent. Gulf Oil Corporation later launched its primary subsidiary, Gulf Canada, which was sold to Ultramar and Petro Canada.

GOC mainly has intellectual property in the form of brands, product specifications, and R&D expertise. Gulf Oil Limited Partnership owns intellectual property rights in the USA.

Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd is owned by Hinduja Group, a well-known brand in the lubricant industry. In India, Gulf Oil Lubricants India Ltd is established as part of the Hinduja Group. At the same time, the parent company Gulf Oil International Ltd owns the brand's rights globally other than in the USA, Spain, and Portugal.

Additionally, Gulf is one of the fastest-growing lubricant and engine oil brands. It offers a wide range of lubricant products for customers. It covers the automotive sectors in addition to industrial and marine applications. Moreover, the company has top OEM and B2B customers like Mahindra, Swaraj Volvo Penta, BharatBenz, and Volvo.

Gulf Lubricants Price in India

Gulf Oil's wide product portfolio offers many lubricants and engine oils for personal and commercial vehicles. If you want to check the latest price of Gulf Oil Lubricants, scroll below and navigate to the shortlisted products.