About Veedol

Veedol, an automotive and industrial lubricant products manufacturer, is owned by Tide Water Oil Co. (India) Ltd and has been manufacturing and marketing its products since 1928.

Veedol is a well-known lubricant brand in India that offers high-quality engine oils for cars, bikes, scooters, tractors, trucks, off-highway vehicles, and buses. It has a wide range of engine oil and lubricant products to cater to different needs of the applications.

The company manufactures a wide range of products capable of meeting modern OEMs' requirements. Tide Water Oil purchased a 100% share of Veedol International Ltd from its owner company, BP plc. Veedol has a presence in over 65 countries, catering to customers' demands through collaboration with its international manufacturing plants and subsidiaries.

Later in 2014, Tide Water Oil formed a joint venture with Japan's leading petroleum brand, Eneos Corporation. The joint venture is named Eneos Tide Water Lubricants India Pvt Ltd. It was formed to market the Eneos brand lubricants. Moreover, the company works with leading OEMs, including Honda Cars, Kubota, Yamaha, and Honda Motors, to supply high-quality, genuine lubricant products.

Tide Water Oil also acquired Price Thomas Associates to manufacture and market Granville and Veedol lubricants in the UK and international markets.

In India, Veedol has its registered office in Kolkata and regional offices in Delhi, Mumbai, and Chennai. Furthermore, this leading petroleum and lubricant brand has more than 500 distributors and 50000 retail outlets in addition to workshops.

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