About Savsol

Savita Oil Technologies Ltd, earlier Savita Chemical, is the parent company of Savsol, an Indian lubricant and engine oil brand. Savita Oil is a well-known company in industrial lubricant and petroleum specialty oil production. The company is headquartered in Mumbai, India. It is mainly engaged in the production of transformer oils, liquid paraffin, synthetic petroleum, and other specialties.

The company launched the Savsol lubricant brand in 2018 to start production of high-quality domestic lubricants and engine oils. Savsol is now considered one of India's leading specialty companies and operates advanced R&D facilities to offer its customers the best lubricant products.

Savsol engine oils and lubricant products are recognized for improving engine performance by caring for the environment. The company offers a range of automotive, industrial, and OEM genuine oils.

It caters to its top B2B customers, including Tata Group, Swaraj, Mahindra, and Hero Motors. Moreover, Savsol has a presence in over 75 countries and runs its renewable energy unit with a capacity of 53 MW. Savasol is also India's very first company to manufacture biodegradable transformer fluid.

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