About MAK

MAK Lubricants is part of Bharat Petroleum Corporation Ltd, a Maharatna and government company with a strong presence in the oil and gas industry. MAK Lubricant was established in 2006 to manufacture and market quality engine oils and other lubricant products. This unit of BPCL is also responsible for rapid technological advancement and R&D initiatives.

Further, it's a trusted brand offering various lubricant products for power, sugar, textile, steel, and several other industries. MAK offers a range of automotive lubricants for bikes, cars, trucks, and tractors, including engine oils, gear oils, and greases.

MAK Lubricant runs about 24 marketing laboratories across India equipped with modern equipment and required facilities. MAK's R&D center in Mumbai is responsible for cutting-edge innovation.

MAK Lubricants Price in India

Customers appreciate MAK's lubricant products and engine oil for their quality, reliability, and durability. These products are manufactured by considering the need of different kinds of the buyer to help them get efficient performance from their vehicles and machinery. If you want to check the latest MAK engine oil and lubricant product price, check out the list below.