Ampere Motorcycles in India

Ampere bike price range starts from Rs. 34,722 and goes up to Rs. 74,520. The brand offers 5 two-wheeler models in the country with some of the most popular bikes being Ampere REO, Ampere V 48 and Ampere Reo Elite. The most expensive bike from Ampere is the Magnus Pro, which starts at Rs. 74,520. Ampere Vehicles is more than a decade-old electric two-wheeler company that aims at the production of primarily entry-level and affordable electric scooters. Initially, the company focused only on a small market in South India, but over the last few years, the brand has expanded its reach to over 200 cities in India. Since the year 2018, Ampere Vehicles is a Greaves Cotton company which is one of the biggest engineering companies in the country. It has a large backup and support, and with the help of this, the EV company plans to launch a wide range of electric scooters in the country. After its association with Greaves, the brand now has a product line of six electric two-wheelers, which are Ampere Zeal, Ampere Reo-Lite, Ampere Reo, Ampere V and Ampere M series, as well as, the recently launched Ampere Magnus Pro. This brand is slowly growing in the Electric Vehicle market and aims to have a total of 325 outlets in the country.

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