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5 Most Weird Bicycles in The World, 4th One is Definitely a Badass

  • Posted by On 20-Jan-2022 01:08 PM

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Though bicycles are among the best modes of exercise and transport, they could be funny and weird to look at. Human imagination has no limits and they can be applied to anything available under the blue sky.
In general, we can imagine a cycle as two thin wheels, a thin yet strong pipe made chassis, one steering, a pair of brakes, pedals, a chain, and a seat joined together in a uniform way to be called a vehicle. And, over time, cycles have evolved and we have cycles meant to be ridden for specific purposes like mountaineering, cruising, dirt sports, adventure ride, daily usage, etc. However, here we have come up with some crazy cycling modifications and reimaginations that will make your day.
Check out the entire list to know how imagination can be a lot crazy.

  1. Threesome
    This teal coloured bicycle is imaginable with two seats as we have seen such cycles in movies and even the real world. However the owner has gone a bit ahead and added an extra seat for the third guy. If you are from India, you might remember the bike from the Bollywood film Golmaal. This bicycle is like the non-motor version of the same.

  2. Fly Low
    Adventure sports like paragliding is one of the craziest fantasies that not everyone has the courage to commit. However, in that dark corner of your mind, you always wanted to do that and now you can actually do so. The cycle in the image below (I don’t know if you can really call it a cycle) has got you covered. It has three wheels; two in the front and one at the rear.
    The rear end has a platform to rest your feet while the front has separate steering handles for both the wheels, though joined together for proper operation. It has got no pedals and you need to run along a plane surface and climb the rear foot rest. To support your back you get a hanging support.
    Weird isn’t it! But it seems purposeful.

  3. Bi-Beetle
    This one is the clear winner of clarity of thoughts and settling in less. A VW Beetle is one of the most iconic cars and people who own any of the versions of these cars have a lot of enthusiasm about their car. This cycle has a usual cycling operation mechanism but it looks like a car on two wheels. The image below shows the clear imagination of the maker and we really want this to come under production, at least for kids.

  4. Chopper sans Motor
    For all the crazy fans of chopper bikes, we want to tell you that now you can have your own chopper on a budget. You don’t need a bulky engine to pull your fat rear wheel, however, you may need some extra strong muscles to do so. If you can settle for power that depends on you and not that engine, this probably will calm down your thrust for choppers.

  5. Relaxed Affair
    Though cycling can’t be effortless, if you have a super will, you’d probably end up mixing the efforts and relaxation together. This cycle has two wheels of different sizes. The chassis is long and single pipe unit. The construction is made rigid so that the chassis alone can carry the weight of the cyclist. Look closely and you’ll find the handles below the rider and pedals above the chassis. Quite weird.