fb-pixel-codeLambretta at Milan Design Week 2022: Unveiled G350 and X300 Scooters
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Lambretta at Milan Design Week 2022: Unveiled G350 and X300 Scooters

    Posted by Sachit Bhat On 15-Jun-2022 01:21 AM

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Lambretta, an Italian scooter company, unveiled two new models at the Milan Design Week 2022. The G350 features a 330cc engine meanwhile, the X300 is equipped with a 275cc engine. lamby1

Lambretta, an Italian scooter company, unveiled two new models at the Milan Design Week 2022. The models that were unveiled are named; the G350 and the X300. These new models have risen to the top of Lambretta's scooter lineup, which previously had models ranging from 50cc to 200cc.

The G350 features a 330cc engine with 27.5 horsepower, a TFT display, and complete LED illumination. Meanwhile, the X300 is equipped with a 275cc engine that produces 25 horsepower and features keyless operation.

Lambys are noted for their characteristic fixed-front fender, which is seen on both scooters.

There is little to no doubt that Vespa is arguably the first name that comes to mind when you think about Italian scooters. Lambretta, though, is another well-known scooter manufacturer in the region, and it is not new to the Indian market either. The company has previously sold its scooters in India. The company revealed its two newest scooters, which sit at the top of its line-up, at Milan Design Week 2022.

Lambretta G350: engine, design and features


The first of the two scooters is the G350, which began its life as Lambretta's G325 Concept scooter and debuted at EICMA 2019. Steel monocoque construction and removable side panels were among the concept's highlights, which were carried over to the production version, along with other features like a colour TFT display and a USB charger in the apron storage.

Lambretta, in 2019, also revealed that an electric version of this scooter, the G-Special Concept, was in the works. This e-scooter was supposed to debut at Auto Expo 2020, but COVID-19 threw a wrench in the works, and it has yet to be seen.

The G350 is a petrol scooter with a 330cc single-cylinder engine with a four-valve head and liquid cooling that produces 27.5hp and 27Nm. The famous fixed front fender and the double trailing-link front suspension are also Lambretta features. It's a lot heavier than the scooters we get in India, weighing 173kg, and even more than the recently announced Keeway Sixties 300i, a comparable 278cc throwback scooter weighing 146kg.

Lambretta X300: engine, design and features


The other scooter on display is the X300, which, with its square-ish form and fixed front fender, is definitely a Lambretta but is powered by a smaller 275cc single-cylinder engine. It has 25 horsepower and 24.5 Nm of torque but no TFT display, instead opting for semi-digital LCD clocks. It does, however, get keyless operation, which the G350 does not. Both scooters have full LED illumination and disc brakes with anti-lock brakes on both ends.

The G350 will cost €7,200 (about Rs 5.9 lakh) in Europe, while the X-300 will cost €5,900. (Rs 4.8 lakh). Automobile Products of India used to assemble Lambretta scooters under license in India (API). However, towards the end of the twentieth century, sales and operations halted. While Innocenti, a Swiss company, now owns the Lambretta name and while it previously expressed a willingness to re-enter the Indian market, there has been little news on this front in recent years.