fb-pixel-codeTesla CyberTruck Could be In Any Colour- Elon Musk
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Tesla CyberTruck Could be In Any Colour- Elon Musk

    Posted by Rakhi Jha On 14-Dec-2021 12:37 AM

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Tesla CyberTruck Could be In Any Colour- Elon Musk

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Tesla, the Electric Vehicle makers always make sure the superior strengths and endurance of the electric vehicles. They have been designing the product in a way to create the value of EV’s in the Auto market.

Recently, The Company has shared the components of the electric truck, which has been established in a way that extends the superiority of the electric vehicle, be it from Ultra-Hard 30X Cold-Rolled stainless-steel structural skin to Tesla armour glass.

Elon Musk, Previously Stated to Cybertuck’s Owner, that “they would need to apply a wrap to the EV to give it any other colour than the steel one.”

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Ahead of the time, Elon also suggested that Tesla could offer factory wraps for the Electric Cybertruck. Though, now with the latest statement, it might seem that this offer is not on the cards of the company at present.

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Unveiled in 2019, the production of Electric Vehicle did get a push to 2022. Meanwhile, the Tesla Cybertruck has been spotted undergoing testing with some latest design updates.

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In a video, that has surfaced showcased the Electric Vehicle undergoing the process of track testing features and a massive windshield wiper and side mirrors, something that the prototype did not mention. However the Tesla is developing an electromagnetic wiper system with a single blade, Still, we are waiting for these features do possess this technology.

Before, Elon Musk did reveal that the updated version of the electric truck will offer four-steering along with four electric motors. Which is based on recent numbers, the Tesla Cybertruck did get reservations of over one million.