BMW Cars in India

BMW car price in India starts at Rs 39.99 lakhs and goes upto Rs 2.46 crores. BMW offers 22 car models in India, which includes 6 cars starting from the, X1 price Rs. 39.99 lakhs and going upto the, X5 M Competition price Rs. 2 crores, in the SUV/MUV segment, 11 cars starting from the, 3 Series price Rs. 45.4 lakhs and going upto the, M760Li price Rs. 2.46 crores, in the sedan segment, 3 cars starting from the, 2Series Gran Coupe price Rs. 39.9 lakhs and going upto the, M8 Coupe price Rs. 2.18 crores, in the coupe segment, and Z4 Roadster price Rs. 69.9 lakhs, in the convertible segment. The company also offers its [latest]( all-electric SUV called the BMW iX price Rs. 1.15 crores. [Upcoming]( BMW cars in India include the all-new BMW X3 SUV, the BMW i4 all-electric sedan and the BMW X8 SUV. BMW, is a German luxury automobile manufacturing company that came to India in the year 2006, with its headquarters in Gurugram and factory in Chennai. The BMW X1, X3, X5 and X7 are popular SUVs while the 3 Series, 5 Series and the 7 Series are popular [luxury cars]( from the company while the M2, M5 and the Z4 are major [sports cars]( BMW India has a wide range of cars for the country with sedans, [SUV]( and sports-cars on offer. The company offers its ICE cars in standard and M Sports range while also offering all-electric cars under the BMW i brand. BMW also owns the premium car brand, [Mini]( and also the [BMW Motorrad]( in the two-wheelers space.