fb-pixel-codeAudi to expand its fleet by unveiling the new-gen RS3
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Audi to expand its fleet by unveiling the new-gen RS3

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 20-Jul-2021 03:13 AM

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Audi unveils its latest Sportback, the new-gen RS3.

● The new-gen Audi RS3 runs on a 400 hp 2.5L h-cylinder Turbo petrol engine. ● The RS3 will be available in two body styles, sedan and hatchback. ● The UK market will see the vehicle launch sometime in August this year.


Audi RS3 – The return of the International Engine of the Year

Audi unveils its latest Sportback, the Audi RS3, in the UK market with several updates. The primary attraction is the return of Audi’s renowned 2.5L 5-cylinder turbocharged motor. The engine is similar to the one available in the RS Q3 as it delivers 400 hp of power through its 7-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission system to both axles. That makes for a fantastic acceleration of 0-100kmph in 3.8 seconds and enables the vehicle to attain a top speed of 290kmph, faster than the Mercedes-AMG's A45 S-4Matic.

This powerful engine can deliver a maximum torque of 500Nm @ 2250-5600rpm enabling it to accelerate quicker than its predecessor. Moreover, the maximum power is available over a wider rev band. As a result, it displays better acceleration even from low ranges.

Another exciting feature of the Audi RS3 engine is its enhanced engine note because of the unique 1-2-4-5-3 cylinder firing order. In addition, the new noise-control flap in the exhaust opens at different points in the rev range, depending on the driving mode, to deliver an incomparable sound.

Audi RS3 – Better Exteriors

The Audi RS3 gets a different look than its regular A3 model because of the front design coming with a contrasting black grille surrounding the Matrix headlights. The matrix LEDs with darkened bezels in the headlight cluster are optional features. In addition, the side skirting gets a black finish, like the rear diffuser, wing mirrors, and the roof.

Audi has enhanced the air intake for the RS3 to cool the engines faster. Besides, it features high-quality wheels, a more extensive exhaust system, and gets a more aggressive look. The larger air intake is possible because of the flared front wheel arch arrangement that directs air along the sides.

The Audi RS3 gets a broader stance because of the extended axle track by 33mm at the front and 10mm at the rear over the existing model to ensure better handling.

Audi has introduced two unique colors for the RS3, Kemora Grey and Kyalami Green.

Audi RS3 – Interior changes

The Audi RS3 gets a makeover in the interiors with a carbon fibre instrument panel. Besides, the sports seats get an optional Nappa leather upholstery with contrasting red, black, or green stitching.

The 10.1-inch infotainment touchscreen RS Monitor display vital info like tyre pressure, coolant, engine, and gearbox oil temperature. The RS3 sports a motorsport-style gearshift indicator. Besides, the vehicle features a 12.3-inches digital display that provides a virtual cockpit lit environment inside the vehicle.

Audi RS3 – Better suspension and brakes

The torque splitter device is a new addition replacing the existing rear differential. The electronically-controlled multi-disc clutches distribute higher power across the rear axle. This new technology is beneficial as it reduces understeering, especially when negotiating hard corners. It also allows for ‘controlled drifts’ in the RS Torque Rear Mode by increasing torque up to 1750Nm to each wheel, when necessary.

The S-specific valve system is available in the RS3 leading to more responsive shock absorbers. Besides, the better wheel camber allows for more precise steering. In addition, this vehicle comes equipped with a Modular Vehicle Dynamics Controller to monitor lateral movement across the suspension components and the drivetrain to improve torque output. The braking system in the RS3 gets a massive improvement with a more extensive set of 6-piston brake callipers. In addition, it is reportedly more stable than the previous car's setting because it mates with ventilated and drilled discs on each axle to deliver enhanced cooling by 20%. Furthermore, the front axle gets ceramic brake discs and a tuned brake pedal curve.

Audi also plans to introduce semi-slick tyres to enhance on-track performances.

Audi in India

The Indian market saw the reintroduction of the A4 sedan with an upgraded styling and 2L turbo-petrol engine. Besides, Audi had launched the updated S5 Sportback in 2021.

The all-electric Audi e-tron SUV is next on the line, along with e-tron Sportback SUV. The launch could happen on July 22 this year, and the company has already started receiving bookings for the same. Moreover, the Indian market can expect the launch of the new A3 and Q3 models besides the facelifted versions of Q5 and Q7. However, the RS3 could take some time to get an Indian launch.