fb-pixel-code5 Important Pre-Monsoon Checklists for Mandatory Monsoon Trips!!
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5 Important Pre-Monsoon Checklists for Mandatory Monsoon Trips!!

    Posted by Sachit Bhat On 22-Jun-2022 06:30 AM

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For cars and their owners, monsoons are nothing but trouble. Prepare your vehicle in advance for the monsoon season in order to be prepared for those long road mandatory monsoon trips! carsrain

The first few months of the rainy season can be the most disastrous. Driving during this time of year necessitates caution and a well-maintained car. Can you see the vipers not functioning while it is pouring cats and dogs? It's time to start with a pre-monsoon automobile prep checklist if you don't want to get yourself or your car into difficulty this monsoon. Are you unsure of where to begin? Everything you need to know about preparing your car for this season is covered in this post!

Patch The Headlights


As a result of wear and tear, you'll eventually discover that your car's headlights start to acquire tiny gaps and holes. Rainwater might enter the headlights through these tiny openings and harm them. So check the car's headlights before the downpour arrives. If there are any spaces, replace or repair them with an adhesive.

Fix Any Holes in Exhaust


The fact that automotive exhaust systems are extremely susceptible to corrosion is one of their unpleasant qualities. This rust has the potential to destroy the exhaust's structure and leave numerous holes in it. During the monsoon season, the rusting problem could get worse. Additionally, rainwater can readily get into the rusted exhaust system. Rainwater can further damage the inner surfaces if it gets into the exhaust system.

Check The Doors


The rubber on car doors may get loose over time, making it difficult to close the door. If the door doesn't close completely, there is a chance that rainfall will get inside the cabin. The delicate interior components of the car can become spoiled and damaged by the rain. Check the doors and make sure the rubber seals are in good shape before the rainy season starts.

Water In The Brakes?


Water entering the brakes when driving in the rain is one of the toughest issues drivers have during the monsoon. A little amount of water may become stuck in the brake pads in such circumstances. Eventually, this deposited water may cause the braking performance to suffer. It is simple for dirt and water to gather around the brake pads during the rain. Every two to three weeks, we strongly advise having the brake pads cleaned and maintained.

Finally, Wiper Check!


In order to drive safely during the monsoon season, wipers are necessary. When it's raining, driving without wipers is dangerous. Wipers might deteriorate with time as a result of their frequent use. Additionally, the water nozzles on the wipers are susceptible to clogging. Examining and replacing worn-out wipers should be included on your car's crucial pre-monsoon checklist.

Every automobile owner may now breathe a sigh of relief thanks to this monsoon checklist. If you're prepared, the monsoon shouldn't be a problem even though it occasionally causes havoc to cars.