fb-pixel-codeTechnology update from Japanese automaker, Honda, as it aims to develop home charger, to expand swappable battery platform
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Technology update from Japanese automaker, Honda, as it aims to develop home charger, to expand swappable battery platform

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 09-Jun-2021 09:21 PM

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Honda is coming up new two-wheeler models lined up for the near future which will benefit from these efforts of woking on developing home chargers. 01.jpg 02.jpg

Recent copyright updates indicate that Honda is developing a home charger for its Mobile Power Pack swappable battery system. The home charger has the capability to top up one battery pack at a time. This initiative has certain highlights like:

• A different version of the charger can charge two battery packs at the same time. • Couple of Honda electric two-wheelers may launch in India in the future.

After years of tiptoeing around the edges, Honda recently announced that it was finally getting into the world of electric two-wheelers and is serious about putting new models into production very soon. Honda confirmed that it will launch three new electric models by 2024. The first will be a 50cc-equivalent electric moped, and the other two will be a scooter and a motorcycle aimed at the 125cc performance based. While these will be the modest vehicles for the company, however, it's a good time to get into electric two-wheeler for Honda. Urban looking, utilitarian machines like these are more likely to be accepted by street rider and commuter segment, than an electric sport bike is to be accepted by enthusiasts. The modest output numbers will also mean that Honda does not need gigantic battery packs to keep them going.

Honda home charging system can use its swappable Mobile Power Pack system that has already been used on its PCX Electric e-scooter. Honda has plans to develop this platform by installing up more battery-swapping stations, and patents show that Honda is also working on a home charger for these battery packs. While the chargers to be used at swapping stations will juice up two battery packs at the same time, the home charger will only adjust a single one at a time.

Honda confirmed that a sloped bed uses rails to guide the battery pack into its desired position. A lever at the front of the charger needs to be dragged up. This action will lock the battery pack in place and, through a linkage, pushes the charger's connectors into the slots on the battery pack, removing the chances of error about plugging it in yourself.

The Japanese giant, Honda has also entered an association with Yamaha, KTM and Piaggio to co-develop a swappable battery platform, so it's likely that its own Mobile Power Pack system will develop over time and will be used universally. Indian economy will have a very positive impact on implementation of these technologies. All these developments are great news. A 125cc-equivalent e-scooter and e-motorcycle are just the sort of initiatives that Honda could launch in India, to take on the likes of Ather, Revolt, the Bajaj Chetak and the TVS iQube. With KTM and Husqvarna also aiming to introduce electric models in India in the future, there could be fruitful collaborations on the battery infrastructure front. Hoping for interesting times ahead.