fb-pixel-code5 Classic Bikes in India that should Come Back to Life
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5 Classic Bikes in India that should Come Back to Life

    Posted by https://carbike360.com/ On 03-Jun-2021 12:14 AM

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Suzuki Samurai Way back in the 90s when Suzuki wasn’t operating in India directly and had a collaboration with TVS, it sold a number of commuter bikes which were among the favourites of genX. A 100cc 2 stroke engine was economic and enthusiastic at the same time. This engine used to produce a decent 7.8 PS of power with 4 step transmission. As Suzuki is now operating in India and has a list of highly potent vehicles under its umbrella, we may imagine a modern version of this old school bike. Suzuki currently has no bike in the economy range in India and hence Samurai could be a noble comeback. 55.png

Yamaha RX100 What a bike it was! Sheer pleasure of riding and the pride of owning one was a timeless feeling back then. Even today, Yamaha fans are crazy behind this city commuter which used to have a 100cc 2 stroke engine which has a lot of raw power. It was one of the prime competitors for Suzuki Samurai and always had a tough fight with it. Though, people were crazy behind the classic styling of this bike and modifier are trying to make a desi version of their R15 and FZ, having a factory made RX100 back to showrooms would be a lot crazier. What do you think, should we get the Yamaha RX100 back? Let us know in the comments.


Rajdoot The “doodh wale bhaiya ki bike” was a tremendous hit back in the 80s and 90s. Rajdoot was originally sold as the Yamaha RD in its home country Japan. This bike had a solid metal frame and had a 175cc engine which was however equivalent to any other 100cc bike. If Yamaha decides to bring this bike back to life, the classic of the bike and the name may bring a lot of nostalgia to people who have seen their elderly people riding this bike in their childhood.


Yezdi Mahindra and Mahindra has already launched the Jawa bikes under the Classic Legends brand name. It was rumoured a lot that they’ll be reviving Yezdi as well. However, we haven’t seen any prototype, spy shot or any form of the modern version of this bike but we really admire it to see it rolling back on the Indian roads.
Yezdi had a 250cc engine which was an ideal fit for everyone as it was neither underpowered as a 100cc bike nor too loud as a 350cc Royal Enfield. The Jawa bikes used to look very close to the Yezdi and similar things happened with the modern day Jawa bikes. Hence, if Yezdi comes back, there are very less chances to resemble its original shape and may look good with a roadster appeal.


Lambretta The scooter which had two front seats! Lambretta is an Italian two wheeler manufacturing company which had a great time in India. The company is still functional in the home country and manufacturers of the old school designed modern scooters. The Lambretta scooters were available with 150cc and 200cc engine options. Though the current versions being sold in the home country are gearless 125cc and 150cc variants. If Lambretta thinks of landing back on Indian soil, they may have a tough fight with their local competitor, Vespa.