fb-pixel-codeTesla Plans a 2nd Stock Split Soon for Expansion
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Tesla Plans a 2nd Stock Split Soon for Expansion

    Posted by Utkarsh Gusain On 29-Mar-2022 06:40 AM

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Tesla Motors on Monday announced via tweet, that they are planning for a second stock split in 2 years. Ahead of this news Tesla evaluation rose by $84 billion. tesla motors news

Elon Musk brainchild Tesla Motors is the biggest electric vehicle manufacturer of the world and is the company that made zero emission transportation possible. Tesla has been able to capture the EV market by the means of their top class research and development of EV technology.

Some popular electric cars Tesla has produced with their state of the art technology include Tesla Roadster, Tesla Model X, Tesla Model S, and world’s best-selling EV Tesla Model 3. Now the EV giant plans to expand even more with enabling more people to invest in their company after a 2nd stock split they are seeking. Tesla tweet On Monday, the official twitter handle of Tesla Motors stated that the company will ask their current shareholder to vote in support of a second stock split to increase their number of shares. Ahead of this tweet, Tesla’s stock sky rocketed with an addition of $84 billion to their evaluation. Usually when the share value of a company increases to a certain point, the company decides to split the stock and judging by the fact that this will be Tesla’s second stock split, it shows how much the company has grown.

Tesla has experienced more than 60 per cent growth in their stock value in last . This probable stock split will allow a large population to be able to invest in Tesla. And Tesla too, will be gaining a huge capital to further fuel their expansion in every part of the globe.

Recently Tesla has asked the Indian government for a tax cut for selling their cars in the Indian market but the government has conditioned them to either set-up their manufacturing unit in the country or buy $500 million worth of auto parts in India. It can be expected that a stock split will allow Tesla to further expand their market in other countries including India.