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Top 5 Car Horror Movies, Horribly Dark StoryLine Will Make You Feel Afraid All Night

    Posted by Rakhi Jha On 23-Oct-2021 02:45 AM

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Top 5 Car Horror Movies, Horribly Dark StoryLine Will Make You Feel Afraid All Night


Halloween is here, and you need to be feeling spooky at this point, to create your mood a touch boost, We came up with something interesting. We collected some most well-liked car horror movies which might definitely make your night a touch horribly dark!

We made a full weekend plan for you with these most well-liked Car Horror movies. So, with none Hustle your family package would be available with only one click. Read the complete article and put it aside for future reference.


Christine movie.jpeg

When it involves horror films, then you can’t get much bigger than the 2 people involved within the 1983 film Christine – Stephen King and John Carpenter. King has written a number of the foremost famous horror stories over the last fifty years, and Carpenter is that the film is directed by a full range of iconic horror films, from Halloween and also the Fog to The Thing.

The film shows a story of a young man who buys a red and white Plymouth Fury from a mysterious man.

The car is called Christine. It soon becomes clear that the demonic vehicle contains a strange effect on its new owner and shortly starts terrorising all those that get in his way. And when the owner gets a replacement girlfriend, the car becomes frighteningly jealous. A classic of tension and bizarre horror, Christine is that the quintessential scary car film.


Halloween movie image.jpg

Sometimes the car is simply the setting for a few of the foremost iconic horror movie moments. And one scene in John Carpenter’s Halloween (1978) would have those that watched it checking the rear seat of their car for an awful while.

As a young high school student, Annie notices that the windows are all steamed up when she gets behind the wheel of her car in the garage.

Too late! Micheal Myers is within the backseat and he’s not there for a car share. one among the scariest moments in one in every of the scariest films, Halloween means we all take a glance within the back seat after we move out for a drive, just just in case …



What if it’s just part of a car that’s scary? Well, that's definitely the case in one of all the strangest films you may ever watch – Rubber (2010). i will be able to try and summarise the story, but it’s difficult. within the middle of the Californian desert, an evil tyre named Robert comes alive. Not only can it pass by itself, but it also has frightening psychic powers. Robert is on a murder spree soon, harming mayhem as he uses his psychic powers for evil rituals.

Yes, it’s a crazy film. But it’s definitely worth a look ahead to anyone who likes their horror mind-bendingly weird!


Duel movie.jpg

The first motion-picture show by one of cinema’s greatest directors, Duel (1971) was made by none other than film producers. The film tells the story of a travelling salesman who finds himself menaced by the unseen driver of a large, rusted truck. What makes this film so scary is that there's no reason behind the truck’s attacks. It looked as if it would pick the poor salesman haphazardly, and can stop at nothing to terrorise him as he tries to form his way back home. Many of the tricks and techniques employed in this film would be later employed by Spielberg in one in every of the scariest horror films of all time – Jaws.

Death Proof

Death Proof movie.jpg

It seems great directors are drawn to horror movies and cars, as Tarantino decided a killer car would be the best for his sole entry into the horror movie genre – Death Proof (2007).

To tribute of grindhouse films of the 1960s – trashy, made films cheaply that made up for lack of budget with gore and nudity – Death Proof tells the story of Stuntman Mike, a liquidator who murders his young female victims by driving them around in his car and crashing it purposely. Not just a billboard for why you must always wear your seatbelt, Death Proof is filled with fantastic horror moments as Mike stalks a gaggle of girls. Sometimes gory, nearly always fun, Death Proof could be a thrill ride of a horror film.

Final Destination 2

Final Destination 2 movie.jpg

Some of the simplest horror films work by showing just how badly things can get wrong in the world. the ultimate Destination films were great at this, and also the opening car crash in Final Destination 2 is one of all the foremost horrifying scenes in any film.

It’s a compilation of gruesome death scenes, Which showcases some tragic scene which No-one expect to see, as it makes you feel Vomit over the sofa.

Until the car wash scene later within the film – enough to depart your car with ‘Clean Me’ written within the dirt for a protracted while.