Force Cars in India

Force Motors is an upcoming car brand in India. Force Motors has 1 upcoming car in the country, which is the Gurkha BS6. The Indian auto manufacturer has gained its popularity as a producer of brands like Tempo, Minidor, Matador and the Traveller. Over the last few decades, the company has come into partnerships with global manufacturers, which includes Daimler, ZF, Bosch, and MAN. From 1958 until the year 2005 the brand was known as Bajaj Tempo Motors because it was formed as a joint venture between Bachraj Trading Ltd. and Germany's Tempo. Apart from producing light transport vehicles, the brand also manufactures engines and axles along with a huge variety of die-cast aluminium parts. The Gurkha SUV from the brand comes in Xplorer and Xtreme variants. The SUV is well-known for its off-roading abilities. In the year 2015, the company received a contract by the luxury brand BMW, which led to the opening of a new facility in Chennai that produces and tests transmissions and engines exclusively for the BMW vehicles that are produced in India. Also, with the 45-year long relationship between Force and Mercedes-Benz, a new plant was opened at Chakan, Pune in June 2016. This plant assembles and tests engines for most of the Mercedes cars in the country. Force Motors is a popular brand in the country and also exports to various nations and continents like the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, Germany, SAARC and ASEAN countries.